February Examinations

Dancing made Fun!

February Examinations

Another great result for Lightfoot School of Dancing Students a 100% pass result for all students in todays International Dance Teachers Association examination.

Particularly good results were achieved by:-

Ellie Schofield

Abbie Dare

Katie Broadbent

Sophie Tedder

Tasmin Kendall

Helen James

Elise Meara

Abi Skykes

Georgina Moorhouse

Jade Pulley

Sophie Warner

Freya Boothroyd

Issy Cook

Harriet Thackeray

all of whom achieved honours status in their examination.

(Honours is awarded for those students achieving a mark over 90%)


Georgina Moorhouse

Trisha Langford

Charlotte Parr

Grace Horner

Alice Shaw

Emily Teague

Samantha Linney

Alex Moorhouse

Megan Johnson

Katy Perren

Tess Perren

Eve Huxley

Eleanor Burke

Laura Charlesworth

Amber Bilbrough

Annette Langford

Evie Hague

Rheanna Pestell

Aurora Meara

Maya Schofield

Lydia Robertshaw

Madeline Smith

Jess Tinker

who all achieved Highly commended (above 85%), with Annette Langford, Emily Teague and Samantha Linney achieving highly commended in 2 dances.

Well done to all the students for their hard work in passing their examination today!