Lightfoot School Of Dancing

Dancing Made Fun!


Enjoy the best
dancing around 

Since it’s creation Lightfoot School of Dancing has been a leading dance school in Kirkless for Ballroom and Latin. Founded by Kathie Lightfoot in 2002, Lightfoot School of Dancing has held over 18 dance shows, taught over 2000 students from the ages of 1 years old to 60 years old. We focus on making dance fun and no matter the age growing in confidence as well as dance skills.


Helping people achieve their potential

Lightfoot School of Dancing gives its dancers the chance to do dance exams with IDTA twice a year and most students do around 12 exams a year. Every student has passed with flying colours and so far since 2002 we have passed over 20,000 dance exams.
We know education isn’t just about exam results though, it is also about learning to work as a group, becoming confident enough to be your true self and learning kindess goes a long way. As well as focusing on footwork, routines and getting incredible results through our exams we also focus on building confidence and becoming part of the Lightfoot School of Dancing Family – which means supporting others.


Please contact the school to ensure there is space in the class you are interested in, if we have no spaces at that time we will put you on our waiting list and do everything we can to see if another class will work for your needs.
No matter your age, ability, disability, or gender we will always welcome you. Dancing is for everyone and since 2002 we have taught every kind of dancer. As we our mission statement says, we strive to make dancing fun and we believe it should be for everyone.


See our previous show photos.

Exams Timetable

Our upcoming exams, timetabled.

House Scores

Each dancer gets put into one of our four houses and can earn points by good behaviour, learning new steps, trying hard and high exam results. The house with the highest points each year wins a prize at our annual Christmas show.