Exams Timetable

Dancing made Fun!


  • Make up for all Dancers, Hair Bun for all Dancers, Tanned Tights for all Dancers, Dance Shoes for all dancers
  • No tattoos on show, no earrings or any jewellery, no watches or bobbles on wrists.
  • Without costumes or shoes or buns, dancers can not take part in the exams (IDTA rules)
  • Rossette Class need to come in Pink costumes and WHITE Skirts.


  • No adults apart from (babies parents) are allowed in the building.
  • If you’re in more then one class bring ALL costumes, come in your youngest class costume.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early, if we are running ahead of time, the examiner won’t sit and wait for you to arrive.
  • I am not in charge so can not bend rules for anyone (IDTA EXAMS)


  • Make sure you have done ALL your exams before you leave (you could be in two classes)
  • Miss Holly has to be in the Exam Room throughout the exams, so won’t be available
  • Emma and Kate (as always) will be running the timetable and ensuring dancers go in the right time
  • Emma and Kate also make sure you: have the right costume, pin number, know which dance, and right order
  • Chris (Holly’s Husband) will check your dancer in and out of the building
  • Look for the last time your dancer is dancing so you know what time to collect them (if sunny just stay outside?) (Chris will make sure your child knows you before letting you take them)
  • Enter and exiting will happen at the door at the LEFT of the FRONT of the building. (Normal entrance)